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Llancaiach Fawr Manor




Llancaiach Fawr Manor is a Tudor House situated in Tredegar. It is described as a house “Where history comes alive”. Many events take place at the manor where the staff take you back to 1645, allowing visitors to experience life as it was in the 17 th century.

The house was built for the Prichard (ap Richard) family, the first master of the manor being David ap Richard, alias David Prichard of Senghenydd and Gelligaer, who became Under Sherrif in 1549, and died in 1560.

David Prichard was succeeded by his son, Edward of Gelligaer.

Edward's first marriage was to Mary, daughter of John Carne of Nash.

He then married Ann, who was the daughter of Thomas Lewis of the van.

His third wife was Mary, daughter of Edward Morgan of Bedwelly.

Edward died in 1612.

Then followed David Prichard, known as David Llancaich.

David's first marriage was to a daughter of Sir George Herbert of Nash.

His second marriage was to Mary, daughter of William Carne of Nash.

David died in 1630.

David Prichard was succeeded by his son, Colonel Edward Prichard.

Colonel Edward Prichard married Mary, daughter of Arthur Mansel of Briton Ferry & sister of Busy Mansel.

Edward died in 1655.

Edward and Mary had 2 sons and 2 daughters: Thomas and Lewis, both died young, Mary and Elizabeth inherited the manor after their fathers death.

The house was renovated in 1628 which included a new grand staircase, formal gardens were laid and two rooms were panelled.


In 1655 Colonel Prichard died, and no male heir to succeed him.

As his daughters were heiress, they were classed as valuable properties in the marriage stakes.

By 1662 they were both married. Mary had married David Jenkins of Hensol who was the son of Royalist Judge, David Jenkins.

Jayne had sold her part of the bequest to Town Clerk of Cardiff, Michael Richards, before she moved from Wales, after marrying John Whitman who was from Berkshire.

It was from that point that Llancaich Fawr became a tenanted farm.

It had been tenanted for many years by the Evans family. Samuel Evans was the last Evans to tenant the farm, he was sometimes known as Sam Llancaich. After his death, the house became residence to the Williams family, who also owned the property, until 1979, when it was purchased by Rhymney Valley District Council.


The manor is reputed to be haunted with several ghosts.

There are two boys that have been seen playing on the stairs, they are believed to be Thomas and Lewis, the sons of Colonel Prichard, who died at a young age. These children have also been witnessed in the kitchen along with a man who is believed to be Colonel Prichard.

The figure of a woman wearing a long white dress has been seen mainly on the ground floor area. The woman is thought to be a previous housekeeper named Martha, who is said to occasionally haunt one of the upper rooms which became known to the Evans family as Ystafell Mattie (Matties Room).

Footsteps have been heard walking across the Great Hall, where a male figure has been witnessed relaxing on one of the window seats.

In Colonel Prichard's Room, many women visitors have had the feeling of not being allowed inside, and once they have entered, they have reported to feel very sick.

There have been many reports of unusual tapping and knocking sounds throughout the manor, doors have been seen to slowly open by themselves, children's laughter has been heard, visitors have been prodded, pinched gently and had their clothes tugged. Visitors and staff have also reported seeing figures in the upper windows whilst in the gardens.


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