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The Skirrid Mountain Inn




The Skirrid Mountain Inn is believed to be the oldest pub in Wales which began in 1110.

It is said Owain Glyndwr gathered his men in the courtyard of the Inn before leaving for Pontrilas. Many Kings of England are also believed to have used the courtyard.

The oak- beams situated inside the Inn are believed to originate from ships timbers, which have the original peg holes. Some of the windows are also said to be the original along with one of the doorways. The Dining Room panelling comes from the 16 th century.

Between 1100-1485 the Inn was used as Memorial Courts, with Church Courts, Assize Courts and in later centuries it is thought the Skenfrith Petty Sessions Court.

It is believed around 182 people were hanged during the 12 th -17 th centuries.

One story of the hangings relates to two brothers, James and John Crowther.

The two brothers stood trial before a court in the Milbrook Inn, which is situated down the road from the Skirrid, where James was sentenced to nine months for robberies with violence, while John was sentenced to be hanged from a beam in the Inn for the crime of ‘sheep stealing'. John Crowther is reported to have been the last man hanged at the Inn.

It is believed the first floor of the Inn was the area used as a court room, with a cell in an area halfway up the stairs, being used to house prisoners before and after their trial. This cell now being used as a store room.

The beam where the hangings are said to have taken place is situated across the joist of the staircase, where it has been reported the rope marks are preserved in the beam.

The slab on which the dead bodies was placed can still be seen at the foot of the stairs.

The sentences were on the orders given by the infamous Judge Jeffries, who was Recorder of London and in 1683 became Lord Chief Justice.

During the 1530's the Inn belonged to the Baron of Abergavenny conferred on Edward Nevyle . Although it had been lost, it was returned to the family by an Act of Parliament.

On the death of George Nevyle in 1535, the third Baron of Abergavenny, the ownership of land went to his successors where it continued to remain in the family until 1900, when the most Honourable William Marquess of Abergavenny sold the property to a professional Innkeeper by the name of David Lewis.

Another owner during the mid 18 th century is reported to be Harry Price.


‘Judge Jeffries' is said to still linger in the upper floors of the Inn, along with ‘John Crowther' who is reported to be very active throughout the building.

‘Father Henry Vaughn‘, thought to have been from a local church, is said to be a good soul who is grounded and has no intention of leaving the Inn.

Another spirit who is said to be ‘active' throughout the building is ‘Fanny Price', who's husband is reported to have owned the Inn during the mid 18 th century. Fanny is said to have worked at the Inn and originally lived in the village. It is thought she died of consumption at the age of 35 years in 1873. It is thought she is most active in room 3.

A malevolent spirit thought to be the hangman is said to be present on the stairs, along with some of his victims.

The ghost of a ‘White Lady' has been witnessed wandering around the Inn.

Other reports include soldiers which have been heard in the courtyard, the strong smell of a lady's perfume, the rustling noise of a lady's dress, glasses which have been seen to fly off the bar for no apparent reason, and a £10 note which had 3 coins on top has been witnessed travelling across the bar.

Visitors, some of whom have not known the history of the Inn, have reported the feeling of being strangled where rope burns have appeared on their neck, dizzy feelings have been experienced whilst on the stairs, the feeling of invisible presence passing people on the stairs and feelings of sickness and fear have also been felt on the stairs. Reports of pain in the stomach experienced whilst in room 2 along with the feeling of a foot on the chest, the sound of laughter has also been witnessed outside this room..

Unexplained knocking sounds, doors slamming shut on their own, doors shaking before opening by themselves, alarms going off with no cause found, footsteps heard and cold spots felt.

There have also been reports regarding room 3, where it was felt a doctor may have performed experiments in this room, with a feeling of body parts placed in a jar.


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