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The history of Bodelwyddan Castle dates back to before 1460, although it is thought there may have been a house on the land before this date.

In 1690, the Williams family acquired the estate and the castle of today is the creation of Sir John Hay Williams, who employed the architects Hansom and Welch from 1830 - 1852.

The 1850's saw the decline of the Williams family fortunes due to the loss of their main income - lead mining.

By the time of the First World War, part of the house was used as an officers mess and another part was used as a recuperation wing, with the grounds being used for training purposes, where the trenches can still be seen today.

The Williams family finally sold the property in 1920, where it then became a private girls school called Lowther College.

In 1982, due to financial problems, the school closed and Clwyd County Council purchased the castle and began restoring it into a historic house, museum and art gallery.

The castle now displays many items from the National Portrait Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum and the Royal Academy of Art for the public to view.

During one of the many redevelopment phases in the 19 th century, a gruesome find was uncovered and noted in the diary of Sir John Hay Williams. Human bones were uncovered from a wall and it is said they were built back into the wall near one of the chimneys.

Unfortunately, due to a fire which occurred in the 1920's, many of the castles documents were destroyed and so a large part of the history of the property is lost.


The castle is reputed to be haunted by several ghosts and has undergone many paranormal investigations.

A Victorian Lady has been witnessed in the Sculpture Gallery.

A soldier has been seen on numerous occasions in one of the galleries.

Witnesses have reported seeing a ‘Blue Lady' in the Terrace Tea Room.

A ‘Lilac Lady' has been reported in the Dining Room near the piano.

An Irish Wolfhound has been witnessed in the Library.

Many children have been heard and seen playing in the Victorian Games Room.

Other reports include: People feeling sick as a ‘grey mist' appeared in the Billiards Room along with hearing the sound of a game of Billiards being played. Temperature and Emf increases, cold and hot spots, orbs and lights, unexplained noises, footsteps, sighs, people being touched, feelings of being strangled, tingling sensations and people becoming emotional in certain rooms.


A 35 year old male who is thought to be named ‘John‘, lived at the castle and died of natural causes, is also said to visit this room.


It is believed a male energy who was responsible for a fire and a young boy between the age of 6-10 years old are present in this area.


A soldier, possibly named ‘Robert Thomas‘, who is thought to have died at the castle through being shot in the leg, is said to be in this room and other areas of the castle.

A 60 year old woman who died due to an accident is also said to be present in this room.

Another female presence, thought to be named ‘Margaret', is reported to be confused, angry and possibly pregnant.


A male energy by the name of ‘Henry' is believed to visit this room, and thought he may have once worked at the castle.

A teacher named ‘ Elizabeth ' is another energy reported to be present in this area.


Two children have been witnessed sitting in this area, along with the feeling of what has been described as a ‘negative male energy' by the name of ‘ Frederick '.


There is the feeling of a ‘Matron' present in this part of the building.

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