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Caernarvon Castle
Gwynedd, north Wales




Caernarvon Castle was constructed by King Edward I of England following his successful conquest of the principality.

Edward I also built Beaumaris, Conwy and Harlech Castles.

Began in 1283, it was never completed and even today there are joints visible in several places on the internal walls ready to accept further walls which were never built.

The Castle was used in 1911 for the investiture of the then Prince of Wales, the future Edward VIII. This was to be repeated in 1969 with the investiture of Charles, Prince of Wales.

The Castle now houses the regimental museum of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers and is a World Heritage Site.

Edward was first married to Eleanor Castile in 1254, and then to Marguerite of France in 1299.

Edward II was the fourth son of Edward I and Eleanor Castile, and it is thought he was born at Caernarvon.

He was the first English Prince to hold the title of Prince of Wales. He became heir to the throne at only a few months old, due to the death of his elder brother, Alfonso.

Edward II was King of England from 1307 until he was deposed in 1327.

He married Isabella of France where they had 4 children, Edward IIII, John of Etham Earl of Cornwall, Eleanor of Woodstock and Jeanne of the Tower.

His tendency to ignore his nobility, in favour of low-born favourites, led to constant political unrest.

Edward II is remembered mostly for the brutal method of his alleged murder, which was linked to his homosexuality.


The Castle is said to be haunted by soldiers who were sent to guard the town against the native Welsh.

A dark shadow - not known if this is male or female - is said to drift down the corridors, and is also thought to be responsible for messing around with electrical equipment, which on times is left out at night.

Unexplained knocks/tapping sounds have been heard, with many, what are believed to ‘orbs' being caught on camera.

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