Glamorgan Paranormal - Paranormal Activity In Wales

Barry, Nr Cardiff


The Captains Wife Pub was originally three cottages and is situated on the coastline, having a history relating to pirates and smuggling. It is alleged a tunnel still exists between the island and Sully House, which are situated opposite the pub.

One story which relates to the name of the pub is that of a local sea captain. This man had informed many people in the area that he was going away to live. Months later he left his home and the town and was never seen again.

Years later, while the Captains house was being renovated, workmen found the remains of a female, which had been bricked up in the chimney.


A male ghost said to be around 40 years old when he died, and who once lived in the area, is said to roam around the bar area. He is said to look quite rough but is a gentle soul with long windswept hair.

There is also said to be a spirit of a female who is upset and often shows herself as a dark shadow.

A young boy between the age of 4-5 years old, is said to like playing in one of the upstairs bedrooms, which is thought may have once been his room. It is believed he died through an accident involving a constriction around his neck where he was then unable to breathe.

Another female apparition is seen walking through the bar doors, walks the whole length of the lounge and passes the fruit machine before disappearing.

The kitchen is also thought to be haunted where staff have felt unease and cold spots as well as knocking sounds.

A ghost of a young boy has been regularly seen near the chimney in the bar area. It is believed the frightened little boy was trying to escape up the chimney from his brutal father, and perished there.