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Cardiff Castle
Cardiff, South Wales




Cardiff Castle is situated in the center of Cardiff city.

The original castle was a Norman motte and Bailey fortification, built in 1091 by the natural son of King Henry I, Robert Fitzhamon, who was Lord of Gloucester.

The de Clare family took possession of the castle before it was passed to the Despenser family in 1306, and remained in the family for over 100 years.

In 1414, the rights of the castle were passed to the husband of Isabel, the last Despenser heir. A short time later, with Isabel becoming a widow, marrying her second husband, the castle passed to the Beauchamp family, who were the earls of Warwick.

It was Richard Beauchamp who extended the castle adding more residential quarters and the Octagon Tower.

Richard was a tutor to the young king Henry VI, and died while travelling to France in 1445.

Ann, Richards daughter, inherited the castle, making her husband, Richard Neville, the new Lord.

After Richards death in 1471, Isabel, his eldest daughter, inherited the castle until 1483 when it was then passed to her sister Ann, whose husband, Richard , the Duke of Gloucester, became King Richard III.

After King Richards defeat by Henry VII, the castle was granted to Jasper, the new King's uncle.

Catherine Parr's brother, William Herbert, acquired the castle in 1550.

In 1645, during the Civil War, it is thought Charles I stayed at the castle with the Herbert's helping to protect him.

In 1776, Charlotte Jane, the last heir of the Herbert family, passed the estate to her husband, John Stuart, who was soon to become the Earl of Bute.

John Patrick Crichton Stuart assumed the title 3 rd Marquess of Bute on 12 th September 1847. He along with architect, William Burgess redesigned the castle in 1865, to what we see today.

The original features of the castle are greatly overshadowed with the flamboyant décor created by the Marquess and Burgess. Astrological symbols, Biblical Characters dressed in gilt robes, Moorish designs, Natures creatures and Heraldic features are just some of the themes that are designed through the castle.

Bute died on 9 th October 1900 and it was in 1947 that the castle became the property of Cardiff City Council.


A male figure that has been witnessed walking through the fireplace of the library is thought to be the 3 rd Marquess, John Patrick Crichton Stuart. He is said to leave the room by walking through a 6ft thick wall into a corridor, then passes through the wall of the Chapel into the room in which he died.

In the main Dining Room of the castle witnesses have seen doors opening and closing by themselves as well as the lights switching themselves on and off.

A faceless figure dressed in a greyish white skirt has been seen in the stock room near to the Dining Room, where she is said to rearrange items.

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