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Location : Cosmeston Medieval Village, Penarth

Moon Phase : Full

Date : Saturday 6th March 2004


Equipment used :

  • Sony DCR - TRV22E Camcorder
  • Sony HVL - IRH2 Infra Red light
  • Sony TRV58E night vision camcorder
  • Samsung VP-W80U 8mm camcorder
  • Olympus C-220 zoom 2.0 mega pixel digital camera
  • Olympus C-120 2.0 mega pixel Digital camera
  • Sony DSC - S50 2.1 mega pixel Digital camera
  • Infra red Thermometer
  • Techno therm 9300 Thermometer
  • Analogue voice recorder
  • Room temperature monitor
  • EMF meter
  • Motion detectors
  • Panasonic DV tapes

Location History:-

The remains of this medieval village were discovered and excavated during the 1980's by a team of archaeologists working for the local Authority who owned the land. As excavations progressed it was realised the the site presented a unique opportunity to interpret and bring to life the history of Wales. The information gathered by these archaeologists was used to plan a program of reconstruction that has made Cosmeston a heritage project that is unique in britain. Cosmeston Medieval Village is set in the year 1350, a troubled period in the history between the English and the Welsh. The village grew out of a fortified manor constructed around the 12th century by the Costentin family, who were among the first Norman invaders of Wales. In 1350 the chosen year of life we see in Cosmeston today. Many of the small villages along the coast were multi-cultural with populations made up of Welsh, English, French and Flemings.

Apart from the reconstructed village huts, there is a building on site currently being used as a museum. This was originally a two storey house inhabited by Agnes Adams and later her son who lived there until 1966. Only the downstairs area is being used for the museum, the upstairs has been sealed off, the original staircase blocked by a glass display unit.

Information obtained from:-



Reported experiences:-

Locking up the museum one night, Nick the warden fixed a heavy padlock on the window security bars. He walked across the room to set the alarm for the building, when he turned back to the window he saw the padlock was swinging continously. He went to steady it and tested the possibility of it swinging on it's own, by pushing it out to the side and letting go. The padlock just swung back down into position and kept perfectly still.

Two of the wardens were locking up the village one evening, they looked across the field towards the site of the old manor house, on the left hand side they saw two people walking across the field. They looked at each other to question why these people were there and by the time they looked back, there was nobody to be seen. Considering the expanse of ground, there was nowhere these people could have gone in such a short space of time.

During medieval re-enactments, which are frequently held at the village, people have been known to turn to the person they have sensed standing next to them, to find there is actually nobody there.

Investigation Preparation:-

The entire group walked around the village with staff members Nick and Dean, familiarizing ourselves with the reconstructed buildings and we had a brief discussion on the history of the area. It was pointed out that the near by road causes vibrations because the old central road running through the village is made from limestone. Also we took note that there were chickens, pigs and sheep on site, so noises from these had to be taken into consideration.

"It was pointed out that the near by road causes vibrations because the old central road running through the village is made from limestone"

We went through the various huts taking baseline tests, temperature and EMF readings. There were no fluctuations noted during these tests.

During our initial tests the average temperature recorded was 6.4 the Tythe barn being noticably the warmest of the buildings. At 6.23pm Nicola's digital camera battery, which had been fully charged prior to the start of the investigation, drained. It had only been used to take six pictures, these were replaced with another set of fully charged batteries.

6.25pm The group went into the swine herders cottage, there was nothing to report as with regards tests, however some group members found this particular hut made them feel very uncomfortable.

6.30pm We entered Jakes cottage, then closed the door to take temperature readings. After a few moments we noticed clothes swinging on a makeshift line above the bed. No group members had been near enough to cause this movement and no draughts were found. The temperature was noted to drop slightly. We stayed in this area for a while longer noting traffic noises and the effects of vibrations from the nearby road, which were found to be minuscule.

6.50pm Going into the Bakers cottage two group members reported feeling pins and needles down one side and cold spots were noted in the room. It must also be noted there was signs of rodent activity in one corner and later scratching sounds were heard.

7.00pm A trigger object was set up in the Reeves cottage at 8.45 pm the temperature dropped by a few degrees and some 'orbs' were picked up on camera.At the same time motion detectors were set up in the bakers.


8.55pm Group 1 - The Bakers

Temperature fluctuations picked up around Austin 9.8 >11.0, 11.0 >9.8 > 10.8. This pattern was repeated.

9.25pm As the group were about to leave, Austin felt water 'splash' into his face, he wiped his face and Anne felt his hands to confirm it was water. There was no sign of water anywhere in the hut and it had come from in front of him rather than from above so that ruled out the possibility of it dripping from the ceiling. It was also noted even though it had been raining earlier on in the day, the inside of the hut and the inner roof space was bone dry. The group stayed a while longer checking out various possibilities but could find noexpanation.

8.55pm Group 2 - Swine Herders

Starting temperature 7.4 with door closed.

9.27pm a drop in temperature was felt on checking it was confirmed to drop to 6.2. Almost immediately Trudy, who had felt something to the side of her, took two pictures in succession. The first of which clearly shows pink 'orbs', the second picture, which is taken seconds later shows nothing. The group notice a smell of lavender as they are about to leave, this smell had not been there when they entered the hut.

10.10pm Group 1 - Swine herders

10.15pm The three members of the group simultaneously noticed a very strong smell of Lavender, which had not been picked up on entry. The temperature at this point dropped from 10.7 > 9.3.

10.20pm Anne heard a breathing sound in her left ear. This was not heard by other group members.

10.25pm They noticed the cauldron in the centre of the room had started swinging. The group stopped the cauldron, finding it very heavy and when they tried to reproduce the swing physically they could not do so.

10.35pm Austin starts to have chest pains, as this happens his camera appears to lose battery power and goes off. The incident with the camera and the chest pains, cause Austin to feel it had became too personal and he had to leave the hut. Once outside his camera worked perfectly and showed two hours of battery.

10.10pm Group 2 - The Bakers

Temperature 8.0. Nicola asked if there was anyone in the room with us.

10.16pm Both Kevin and Trudy felt very cold and the temperature was recorded to drop to 6.0. Trudy felt something to the left of her and asked Nicola to take a picture, At first the camera refused to work and Nicola finally managed to take a picture on the third attempt. Nothing was picked up in this photograph. However on viewing the camcorder footage after the event. As the group members are feeling cold and uneasy a flashing orb is seen passing over their heads and coming down to the left of Trudy, before eventually fading and disappearing altogether.

Every logical explanation we could think of has been considered, tested and completely ruled out.

10.45pm Whole Group - Reeves Cottage - reset trigger object.

The trigger object had not moved. Camcorder tape was renewed. On leaving the Reeves cottage, the last group member to leave heard a sudden loud noise which seemed to come from behind the camcorder, which was still trained on the trigger object. The noise was picked up by this and also by the camcorder held by Kevin who was the group member just leaving the hut. It is interesting to note this is the only recorded noise in three hours of tape.

At the time, the group was unaware of a strange wisper that was picked up on the dictaphone tape, because of the dictaphone's position and the layout of the room, it would not be feasible to assume this was done by a member of our team.

12.10am Group 1 - Tythe Barn

Anne started to have difficulties catching her breath, this could not be attributed to nervousness because the group had already spent time in this area, at the same time Austin complained of feeling sick.

12.17am Two blue 'lights' were seen in the doorway of an inner room.

12.20am The three group members simultaneously heard what sounded like horses galloping on gravel. The group rushed outside but there were no sign of horses and the duration of the galloping noise was a matter of seconds. which is not indicative to horses running along a path of some distance, this path runs along the side of the lakes. This sound was also picked up on camcorder and was later heard again by a member of Group 2 who had no prior knowledge of Group ones earlier experiences.

12.10am Group 2 - Jakes house

Whilst sitting quietly Nicola's digital camera, which had been resting in her lap, turned on for no apparent reason . On the later viewed camcorder footage , It can be clearly seen, at the time this happens, Nicola does not move her hands which are resting at the side of the camera .

12.45am Group 1 - Jakes house

The group only stayed in this area for a short space of time. Austin began to feel very uncomfortable and Kelly felt a Male presence, she then felt someone push her in the back.

12.45am Group 2 - Tythe Barn

The temperature dropped from 7.3 > 6.1 At the same time Nicola took two pictures in succession of a costume stand, located on the right hand side of the room. In the first picture a pink 'orb' is clearly seen at the bottom of the stand, the second picture shows nothing. Seconds after Nicola had taken these pictures, Trudy took a picture of the general area and an 'orb' is caught further along the floor towards the doorway of the inner room.

1.30am Both groups combined - Swine herders cottage

We went into this location with the intention of holding a seance. Trudy, Kelly and Anne sat on a long bench in front of the table, Kevin and Nicola sat on stools opposite. Austin did not take part in the seance, prefering to record the events. As Nicola asks, 'is there anyone in the room with us', numerous 'orbs' are seen floating around her and the cauldron. One distinctive large bright 'orb' is seen moving at speed across under the cauldron. During this seance Trudy started to feel very uncomfortable and complained of chest pains, these got steadily worse and she shared these feelings with the group.

"Austin took a picture of the group and a very large 'orb' is caught on camera, situated just behind Trudy"

2.00am We all went into the Tythe barn with the intention of conducting another seance. We sat there for a while and had not picked up anything, by this time we were all extremely tired and cold and we all felt it would be inappropriate to continue.


Having looked back at our experiences and footage of this investigation, there are many occurances that we have not been able to find feasible explanations for.

The most notable of these being:-

  1. The draining of equipment batteries, belonging to various group members at different times and in some instances working perfectly when taken outside.
  2. Most group members feeling uneasy and two experiencing pains in the Swine herders cottage, then this area proved to be by far the most 'active'.
  3. It should also be noted after reviewing all tapes and log sheets, Austin and Trudy it was discovered, had been sitting in the same position on the bench when the chest pains were felt. This rules out all possibility of suggestion, as being cause for the other member to feel these pains.
  4. Unexplained, unaccounted for wispering and breathing noises caught on audio recorders.
  5. A heavy cauldron swinging, just after a drop in temperature and a breathing sound was heard. The door of the hut had been closed, ruling out the possibility of a draught. Also, because of the sheer weight of the cauldron, group members trying to physically reproduce the swing could not do so. So we must surmise, a draught even if there had been one, could not have been responsible for this movement.
  6. Intermittent Lavender sent, picked up by both groups throughout the evening. Again this information was not shared amonst the group during the investigation.
  7. Large flashing orb caught on camera, as group members complain of feeling cold and uncomfortable.
  8. Unexplainable pink 'orbs' picked up in two seperate locations, by different group members. This only happens the once to each camera out of many pictures taken, so we are able to rule out camera fault.
  9. Large 'orb' caught on camera just above the person who complains of feeling unwell, in the Swine herders cottage, during the seance. Also other 'orbs' picked up in this area at the same time.
  10. Sounds of horses galloping picked up by a member of group 2, who had not been made aware that all members of group 1 had heard this previously. After checking with local resident and warden, no reason can be found for any horses being around in this area so late at night. Also no explanation can be found for why this galloping was only heard for such a short period of time on two occasions. As the length of the only path through the lake would have carried the sound for a much longer period of time.