... Golf Club South Wales - Paranormal Investigation

22 - January - 2007 The investigation is currently on-going and we will be posting our recent findings shortly!
12 - September - 2006 Today we accepted the request from <private> Golf Club, to begin a full investigation into the history and hauntings of this location. We are currently compiling a list of investigation  procedures and planning our history research. We will reveal the full name of this location on completion of our initial history research.

08 - October - 2006

We have decided to introduce a "Guest Experiences" log book into the investigation to allow anyone who stays at the hotel overnight to log any experiences they have during their stay.

The problem we are initially faced with is that if we place this book in reception or one in each room this could cause :

1. Panic :-) and guests might decide not to stay and then the hotel would lose business. (not good for us or the hotel)

2. It might plant the seed in the mind of any guest which would then cause them to report every little occurrence of anything as paranormal.

We would rather capture peoples experiences just before they check-out and leave their comments where they would normally have kept them to themselfes for fear of ridicule.