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Gwrych Castle




Gwrych Castle which is a Grade I listed building, was begun in 1819 and built for Lord Hesketh Bamford-Hesketh who married Lady Emily Esther Ann Lygon in 1825.

In the 1940's Henry Kennedy made numerous additions to the castle including a staircase, porch and bedroom wing.

The castle was passed to Robert Bamford Hesketh and his wife Ellen, after the death of Lloyd Bamford Hesketh.

A marble staircase and fireplace was designed by George Edmund Street during the 1870's.

In 1894, the castle was inherited by Lloyd Hesketh's granddaughter, Winifred, Countess of Dundonald, where she enjoyed many years of family life.

Lady Dundonald who died in 1924, had instructed that after her death the castle be given to King George V and the Prince of Wales, yet her wishes were not granted and the castle was given to St John of Jerusalem.

The Earl of Dundonald, Winifred's husband, bought back the castle in 1928, paying what is believed to have been £78,000, having to sell its contents to cover the costs.

It is believed 200 Jewish refugees were housed at the castle during World War Two.

In 1946 Mr Robert Rennie bought the castle from the 13 th Earl of Dudonald.

Two years later in 1948, the castle housed another new owner, Leslie Salt, who for the next 20 years opened the castle doors to the public.

Between the years of 1968-1989, the castle had various owners, many of whom made alterations.

The Library became a bar, a restaurant replaced the dining room and the music and drawing room became a lounge.

The doors were closed to the public in 1985.

An American business man acquired the castle in December 1989.

In 1996, a production company attended the castle where the filming of ‘Prince Valiant' took place.

From 1996 the castle has become derelict, where much of the roof and floors have collapsed along with most of the south front, the inner has been vandalised and stripped bare.


There are said to be numerous ghosts haunting the castle.

Footsteps have been heard on the upper floors when no persons have been present there.

Doors and windows have been witnessed to burst open when there has been no natural cause found.

A lady dressed in red said to have piercing blue eyes has been seen by many visitors.

Various witnesses have reported a lady dressed in white.

A Cavalier and his wife have been witnessed near Emily's Tower.

Other reports include, swishing noises being heard with no natural cause, recorded drops in temperature, what are thought to be ‘orbs' caught on camera's, reported power drainage, people reporting the feeling of something wrapping itself around them, dogs who have been taken into the old stable block have been seen to whimper and crouch in the corner, a strange mist has been seen to appear near the grounds and a 7ft door has been reported to come off its hinges after a séance was held in the old banqueting hall. A swirling mist has been seen around the bottom of the stairs, a picture of a shadow on the stairs of a body where the head seems to be detached, trigger objects set up by paranormal investigators have apparently been moved and reports of items being moved around in the Library, when the door was locked overnight, at the time when the 13 th Earl was resident.

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