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Gwydir Castle




Gwydir Castle , situated in Llanrwst in the Cowy Valley , is described as a Tudor courtyard house, which was built for the Wynn family.

The original castle was built by Howell Coetmore, then following the War of the Roses, was rebuilt in 1490, and again in the 1540's, where materials from the dissolved Abbey of Maenan were used to construct an Elizabethan Porch. There were further additions to Gwydir in 1828.

The Wynn family, descendants of the Prices of Gwynedd, were one of the most important families in Wales .

Morris Wynn of Gwydir was firstly married to Jane Bulkeley - the daughter of Sir Richard Buckeley of Beaumarris.

He then married Katherine (Catrin) Tudor of Berain in the 1570's.

Cousin to Queen Elizabeth I, Katherine is reputed to have murdered her first three husbands, Morris Wynn being her third husband, who died in 1580.

On his father's death, Gwydir estate passed to his son Sir John Wynn, 1 st Baronet of Gwydir. Sir John was educated at Oxford , married Sidney Gerrard in 1575, and became a member of Parliament for his county in 1586. He was involved with several mining ventures and antiquian studies, also endowed a sholl and founded a hospital in Llanrwst.

In 1606 he was Knighted and by 1611 became the first of the Wynn Baronets.

Sir John died in 1627, his son Sir Richard Wynn, 2 nd Baronet of Gwydir, inherited the estate.

Sir Richard Wynn was assistant to Lord Chamberlain, Secretary to Prince Charles, Groom to the Bedchamber of King Charles I and Treasurer of the Household to Queen Henrietta Maria. He married Ann Darcy and had a son, Sir Owen Wynn, 3 rd Baronet of Gwydir.

Sir Owen Wynn 3 rd Baronet of Gwydir - d. 1660 - m. Grace Williams.

Their son Sir Richard Wynn 4 th Baronet of Gwydir.

Sir Richard Wynn4 th Baronet of Gwydir - b.1625 d. 1674 - m. Sarah Myddleton.

Their daughter Mary Wynn

Mary Wynn - d. 1689 - m. Robert Bertie, 1 st Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven.

Their son Robert Bertie Lord Willoughby

Sir John Wynn 5 th Baronet of Gwydir - b.1628 d. 1719

In the 17 th Century, the Gwydir estate came to Robert Bertie, first Duke of Ancaster, by his marriage to the heiress of the Wyrins.

On the death of the last Duke in 1779, Gwydir was inherited by his sister Priscilla, Baroness Willoughby de Eresby in her own right, whose husband was created Baron Gwydir.

On the death of Alberic, Baron Willoughby de Eresby in 1870, this title (now merged in that of earl of Ancaster) fell into obeyance between his two daughters, while that of Baron Gwydir passed to his cousin and male heir, Gwydir itself was sold to the earl of Ancaster in 1895, the house and part of the estate being bought by Earl Carrington, who also claimed descent from Sir John Wynn.


Gwydir is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in Wales . Reputed to have several ghosts, from past family members and staff.

One story associated with the haunting is that of Sir John Wynn (it is unsure whether this story relates to the 1 st or 5 th Sir John) .

A serving maid was seduced by Sir John in his youth. When the relationship ended, Sir John is said to have murdered the girl and had her body bricked up within a large void in one of the chimney breasts. It is said the smell of the decomposing body, was to linger for months.

Earlier this century, a hollowed out space was found within the large chimney breast, where the body is believed to have been placed, and many people have reported a foul smell coming from this area.

Sir John 5 th Baronet, is said, while on his deathbed, to have made a confession to murder that he committed at Gwydir in his youth.

There have been numerous sightings of Sir John Wynn 1 st Baronet, being seen in many rooms and on the staircase.

The apparition of a lady has been sighted regularly in the north wing and the panelled corridor situated between the Hall of Meredith and the Great Chamber.

The ‘White' or ‘Grey' Lady is often accompanied by a foul smell, and visitors have reported being tapped on the shoulder while in this area of the house.

Many children have been heard crying throughout the house.

The ghost of a dog has been witnessed wandering around the house.

On the Great Terrace, near Sir John's Arch, a procession has been witnessed at night.

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