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Miskin Manor Hotel
Miskin, Pontyclun, South Wales




Miskin Manor Hotel is a grade II listed building which dates back to the 10 th century and is situated in the Welsh countryside.

In the 1100's, the prince of Glamorgan's daughter, Nest, lived with her husband at the manor.

Then the Welsh bard and philanthropist, David Williams, bought the estate in 1857, where he rebuilt and extended the manor. His son Judge Gwylim Williams continued the work started by his father.

The next residents were Sir Rhys Williams and his wife Juliet, whose mother was the novelist Elinor Glyn.

The Prince of Wales, who later became Edward VIII , and was once accompanied by Lloyd George, often visited the many grand events that took place at the manor.

In 1922 a fire which occurred, destroyed the interior of the manor.

During the second World War the manor was used as a hospital and converted into flats in 1952, where another fire occurred.

After the death of Sir Rhys Williams, the manor passed to his son Sir Brandon Rhys Williams.

The manor continued as flats until the current owners purchased the property in 1985, where it was then transformed into a country hotel.


The hotel is reputed to have its own resident ghost.

A spectral lady is seen on most nights between midnight and 1am, where she glides from the drawing room over to the bar before disappearing. The lady is thought to be a past resident.

It is believed this lady is responsible for moving a heavy picture off the wall and dropping it onto the floor, as if to prove she was present when someone doubted her existence.

A little girl, thought to have been the daughter of one of the past residents, has been witnessed in a particular bedroom, also the Oak Room, as well as have been seen playing in the garden.

An apparition of a male figure, believed to have been the ‘Lord of the Manor’, has been witnessed by staff and visitors in the Oak Room.

The Oak Room is reported to be the most haunted room in the building, as there have also been sightings of around 10 spirits who sit around the table in this area. It is thought these spirits are a family who once lived at the Manor.



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