Glamorgan Paranormal - Paranormal Activity In Wales

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The Museum of Welsh Life opened its doors to the public on 7 th July 1948, and is now one of Wales' most popular tourist attractions.

The museum shows how the Welsh people once lived and worked.

The buildings at the museum are the original, taken down stone by stone, brick by brick, from various locations in Wales, then transported to the museum and rebuilt, some buildings taking many years to complete.

The buildings include a school, chapel, workmen's institute and several workshops where blacksmiths and coopers are at hand to demonstrate their skills.

There are also many exhibitions including the Welsh Costume and clothing from the era's along with war memorabilia and farming implements.

The museum is located in the grounds of the 16 th century St Fagans Castle, which the Earl of Plymouth donated to the Welsh people.


There are reports of many haunting at the museum and castle, with apparitions seen in the Coal Sheds, Woods, Castle and cottages.

Llainfadyn Cottage:
This property is originally from Rhostryfan and is said to have housed dozens of children from its first inhabitants of 1762 right up to the 20 th century.

The cottage was re-erected at the museum in 1962. Both staff and visitors have witnessed seeing children, hearing children playing, along with hearing children's laughter and crying.

Cilwent Farm:
This is an 18 th century building, where staff have reported seeing tiny footprints in the dust, which has clearly shown the footprints to have been walking from one side of the stone wall and disappearing into another.

Visitors have reported an icy cold feeling on entering the property, and heavy wooden doors have been locked from the inside at night time on several occasions.

The Arts And Crafts Italian Garden And Nurseries:
The strong aroma of an old fashioned perfume have been experienced in this building, along with the sightings of two ladies. It is believed the two female figures are Lady Plymouth, also the pianist wife of Head Gardener, Hugh Pettigrew and a land girl who was sent to work in the gardens during World War II.

The Castle:
Over the years, it has been rumoured that this is a site of a poisoning of an early Earl of Plymouth.

Many unexplained noises have occurred in the building, mainly in the corridors.

Staff of the castle have heard their names being called out along the corridors when the castle has been closed to visitors in the early hours of the morning. The singing of Welsh folk songs has been heard coming from the kitchen area. The attic doors have been witnessed to open and close on their own along with the sound of footsteps and muffled voices.

There have also been the sound of blood curdling screams and wailing of “Sarah Sarah”, which is alleged to be the name of the poisoned Earls wife.

Penrhiw Chapel:
This building was originally located in Carmarthenshire, which is reputed to have a gruesome past and yet another building said to be haunted.

Several of the biers, which were used to transport dead bodies from their homes to their final resting place, are now used as roof timbers.

On many occasions visitors have experienced the gruesome sight of a phantom funeral procession, where they have recognised family or friends and on times, themselves. It is thought, imminent death is not far off for the person who sees this frightening sight.

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