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Dinefwr Park, Carmarthenshire




Newton House was built in 1660, although there was a house on the site previous to this.

The present front was added in around 1856-1858.

The house was built for Sir Edward Rice and his family.

A list of lineage is compiled at the bottom of the page.

The 7 th Baron Dynevor died in 1956. The title was then passed to his son, Charles Arthur Uryan Rhys making him 8 th Baron Dynevor. He died however, in 1962. With the deaths of father and son in quick succession, the death duties resulted with the estate plunging into crisis. To pay the duties, large parts of the land were sold as was the Estates office building, being sold in 1966 as a private residence.

The present Baron Dynevor sold the property in 1974, where there were numerous owners before the house became stripped of its original features and was left derelict, becoming home to squatters for some years.

The house is now owned by Cadw and the National Trust, who acquired the property in 1990. They have restored much of the house, yet is reported only two persons at a time are permitted to the top floor due to the structure having been weakened by the removal of beams and joists which were allegedly used for firewood.



The house is believed to be haunted by Elinir Cavendish, a first cousin of the Lady of the house in the 1720's.

It is said Elinir was being forced to marry a man that she did not love, and so tried to escape to her family in Dinefwr Park. Elinir's husband to be found out where she was hiding and travelled to her family's home, and it is said he murdered her in cold blood at the house.

It is thought Elinir is the ‘White Lady' that has been witnessed by many, gliding across the rooms.

Many visitors have reported a strange atmosphere, and numerous people have run out of the property after becoming ill on entering the house.

There are also reports of a production crew that were to spend a few weeks filming at the house, but were also affected by the strange atmosphere. Many of the crew became very ill, with some who refused to stay at the property.


William Talbot 1 st Earl Talbot and 1sr Baron Dynevor - b. 16 May

William Talbot - married - Mary de Cardonnel

They had 1 daughter:

Cecil Talbot 2 nd Baroness Dynevor b. July 1735

Cecil Talbot 2 nd Baroness Dynevor - married - George Rhys

They had 2 sons:

George Talbot Rhys 3 rd Baron Dynevor - b. 8 October 1765

Rev Edward Rhys - b. 19 November 1779

George Talbot Rhys 3 rd Baron Dynevor - married - Frances Sydney

They had 1 son:

George Rice 4 th Baron Dynevor - b. 5 August 1795

George Rice 4 th Baron Dynevor - married - Frances Fitzroy

They had 3 daughters and no heir so the barony passed to their cousin.

Rev Edward Rhys - married - Charlotte Lascelles

They had 1 son:

Francis William Rhys 5 th Baron Dynevor - b.10 May 1804

Francis William Rhys 5 th Baron Dynevor - married - Harriet Ives Barker

They had 1 son:

Arthur de Cardonnel Rhys 6th Baron Dynevor - b. 21 January 1836

Arthur de Cardonnel Rhys 6 th Baron Dynevor - married - Selina Lascelles

They had 1 son:

Walter Fitz Uryan Rhys 7 th Baron Dynevor - b. 17 August 1873

Walter Fitz Uryan Rhys 7 th Baron Dynevor - married - Lady Margaret Child-Villiers

They had 3 sons and 1 daughter:

Charles Arthur Uryan Rhys 8 th Baron Dynevor - b. 21 September 1899

Capt Elwyn Villiers Rhys - b. 19 December 1900

Imogen Alice Rhys - b. 27 August 1903

Captain Hon. David Reginald Rhys - b. 18 March 1907

Charles Arthur Uryan Rhys 8 th Baron Dynevor - married - Hope Mary Woodbine

They had 1 son:

Richard Charles Uryan Rhys 9 th Baron Dynevor - b. 19 June 1935


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