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Penhow Castle
Between Newport and Chepstow




Penhow Castle situated between Newport and Chepstow is an 860 year old building which is now described as a fortified manor house.

It was originally built to house the knights who served the Lord at nearby Chepstow Castle.

Sir Roger de St Maur - the more famous name being Seymour - was the first Norman owner of the castle, who had a the tower house built, is known to have been at Penhow in 1129.

Over the years the castle was extended, minimising the size of the courtyard. Among the rooms were the Great Hall, Minstrel's Gallery, the Norman Bedroom and Tudor Moat Room which were once open for the public to view.

Apart from the famous Seymours once being residents of the castle, it is reputed Charles I had fled to Penhow in fear of his life and became a resident in 1645.

In 1674 the castle was occupied by the Lewis family and by 1714 the castle became a tenanted farm owned by absentee landlords. After 1933 the castle became derelict until it was bought in 1973 by film producer Stephen Weeks, where he made extensive restorations over the last 30 years and allowed the public to tour the castle.

In 2003 the castle was sold and unfortunately, its doors were closed to the public.


The castle is reputed to be haunted with several ghosts.

One evening, a dinner party was interrupted by the music, from what has been described as a “ghostly string quartet”.

The ghost of a young girl has been seen in the Great Hall, dressed in kitchen clothes.

A bearded male figure aged around 40 years old has been witnessed in the Banqueting Hall.

A female presence has been seen on the wooden staircase where heavy footsteps have been heard.

Another male figure is said to be present in the courtyard, this presence is thought to be ‘Seymour‘.

Many ‘orbs' and 'lights' have been caught on camera around the whole of the castle along with ‘cold spots', unusual knocking/tapping noises and heavy footsteps.

The Banqueting Hall is felt to have experienced a tragedy at some time, with the top bedroom having experienced misfortune which involved a young girl.


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