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Plas Mawr
Conwy, North Wales




Plas Mawr was built between 1577-1580 for an influential Welsh squire, Sir Robert Gwynne.

There are 365 windows and 52 steps which lead you to the watchtower, with rooms including the Lantern Room and Queen Elizabeth's Parlour, which has the Queens initials.

A tragic story related to the house is that of Sir Robert Gwynne's wife and 3 year old son.

Sir Robert was away for months fighting in the war, when he was due to return, a pregnant Lady Wynne and her 3 year old son kept watch in the watchtower. As it was late and dark, with no sign of Sir Robert, Lady Wynne decided not to keep her son out in the cold any longer and so escorted him down the steps. After losing her footing she fell down the steps taking her son with her. The servants rushed to their aid and moved them to the Lantern Room. One of the servants sent a message to the local Doctor. Later that evening a young stranger called to the house. He explained that he was there to help as the local Doctor was visiting another of his patients and he wouldn't be back until the following morning. The young boy was taken to the Lantern Room where he desperately tried to help the injured pair but knew the injuries were beyond his abilities. He then suggested another message be sent for the local Doctor to visit immediately. The servants sent the message and locked the young boy in the room insisting he help the mother and child.

Hours later Sir Robert returned home to find his wife, son and premature baby dead in the room. There was no sign of the young boy. It is thought the terrified boy tried to escape up through the chimney, got stuck and has remained there ever since.

Sir Robert was so outraged by what he had faced that he locked himself in the room with his dead family. Servants could hear him issuing curses, and as all had gone quiet by the following morning the servants opened the door with a spare key to find Sir Robert lying beside his family, where he had taken his own life by plunging a knife into his throat.


The Lantern Room is reported to have strange noises which then seem to travel around the whole of the house. A dark figure has been witnessed and it is believed to be Sir Robert Gwynne, seeking revenge while searching for the doctor.


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