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Plas Pren




Plas Pren was built in the early 1890's by Viscount Davenport to be used as a shooting lodge. Yet with the house, Gwylfa Hiraethog, on the desolate moors, being isolated meant it was difficult to acquire servants and so it was sold in 1925.

The estate Gamekeeper and last person to live at the lodge was Hugh Williams. He lived in the lodge until the 1950's when it was then left abandoned and derelict ever since.

After leaving Plas Pren, Hugh Williams became the Bailiff for the Hafod Elwy estate from 1955-1963.


There have been reports that the lodge is haunted.

It is said, while on a visit there a few years ago, a couple had seen something that they could only describe as a “tall luminous skeleton that glowed in the dark”. As the pair watched, it started to approach them, yet they were so frightened they ran and have never returned.

People walking their dogs through the surrounding fields have reported hearing strange noises coming from the house and have witnessed lights shinning in and around the property.

Many people who have experienced the unexplained sounds and sightings refuse to go anywhere near the house, and have the feeling of being watched


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