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The Trevor family of Trevalyn were one of the leading families in East Denbighshire from about 1600, with estates in both Flintshire and Denbighshire, centered on Trevalyn Hall in Rosset, Denbighshire.

The Plas Teg estate, in Flintshire, was also acquired by the Trevor family, when it was purchased by Sir John Trevor I (1563-1630), who was married to Dame Margaret, built the present Plas Teg house in 1610, a Jacobean house built with three storey’s.

The staircase is believed to be made from original timber which came from a ship from the Spanish Armada. There is also a sofa in the house, which was a gift received from Napoleon, canvas’ that were deported from Italy, Rhuben paintings and a fireplace which is said to hold witches markings which were made to stop any evil from entering the house through the chimney.

Sir John Trevor I was extensively involved in national affairs as an MP 1592-1614, for boroughs under the control of Lord Howard of Effingham, Lord High Admiral. He served Howard as his secretary. He was also appointed surveyor of the Navy and profited by various shrewd investments, including the farm of the duty on Newcastle coals.

On Sir John Trevor’s death in 1630, he was succeeded by his eldest son, Sir John Trevor II (1596-1673), who spent most of his time in London.

In 1621,Sir John Trevor II sat as MP for Denbighshire, and Flintshire in the next two Parliaments, but subsequently for boroughs under the control of either Lords Howard or Pembroke.

Apart from inheriting Trevalyn from his uncle, Sir Richard, in 1638, he amassed wealth from the keepership of several royal forests, and his father’s farm of the coal tax.

Sir John Trevor II was a Puritan and allowed the deprived Puritan Minister of Denbigh, William Jones, to live in Plas Teg, which was licensed as a conventicle under the Act of Indulgence, 1672.

On his death in 1673, the estates passed to his grandson, John Trevor (1652-1686), as Sir John Trevor III (1626-1672), who was Secretary of State to Charles II, had died a year before his father, Sir John Trevor II.

John Trevor married Elizabeth Clare, who was the widow of William Morley of Glynde, Sussex, through whom John Trevor inherited the Glynde estate, which later became the chief residence of the family.

On the death, in 1743, of his grandson, John Trevor, commissioner of the admiralty, the male line came to an end, and so the Welsh estates descended through co-heiresses.

The Plas Teg estate eventually passed to Gertrude Trevor, who was married to the Hon. Charles Ropper. Their son, Trevor Charles Ropper, 18 th Lord Dacre, married Mary Jane, who was the daughter of Sir Thomas Fludyer, but dying without issue, his widow bequeathed the estate to Cadwallader Blayney, a cousin who assumed the name Trevor-Ropper.

The estate remained in the family until the Second World War, when their heir, Richard Trevor Ropper, was killed. The trustees were then forced to sell the estate to pay the death duties.

In the late 1950’s, Plas Teg was made the subject of a preservation order, and as a result of the publicity on this occasion, P.D Trevor Ropper, a descendant of the former owners, decided to purchase it. However, it has since been sold out of the family.

The infamous Judge Jeffries, who was born in Wrexham, was also a resident at Plas Teg, when he married into the family. The house is said to be have been used to sentence criminals.

Another story associated with the house is that of Sir John Trevor the 5 th. During the year of 1742 he found that his wife was having an affair. Angered and upset he is said to have rode his horse and trap around the grounds until it finally overturned. He was found and was carried to the Regency Room where he stayed until his death which occurred a month later.



There are reported to be many sightings of apparitions within the house, grounds and outside road, of Men, Women and Children.

Many road traffic accidents have occurred on the road leading to Plas Teg, as witnesses and victims have reported seeing ‘something’ on the road, where numerous drivers have had to swerve to miss hitting whoever/whatever was within their sight.

There is said to be a ‘White Lady’ who walks up and down the road, as well as a ‘wolf’ and a ‘witch’.

One witness recalled having seen a woman who was dressed in ‘grey’ holding what looked like a child in her arms, walking along the roadside in the dead of night.

There have been various witnesses who have been prodded in the back, pinched, grabbed, hugged and had their clothes tugged.

A vast amount, of what are believed to have been ‘orbs’, have been caught on film, in various rooms and corridors at the house.


DINING ROOM: This room is said to have been used for sentencing criminals before they were sent into the adjoining room to be hanged.

The ghost of Judge Jeffries is just one of many that is thought to haunt this room.


REGENCY ROOM: This is believed to be the most haunted room in the building. There have been reports of a drastic drop in temperature, eerie feel to the room, the apparition of Sir John Trevor the 5 th is thought to haunt this room, dogs have been witnessed to run out of the room barking and yelping, people have reported being ‘grabbed’, people have been pushed as ‘something’ has rushed past them, and one ‘medium’ who visited the room has reported seeing a lady lying on the bed covered in blood.

The bathroom in this room is also said to be haunted. There are numerous reports of people leaving the room only to hear the mirror repeatedly rattling and banging against the wall.


TWIN POSTER BEDROOM: Drops in temperature and heavy breathing have been experienced in this room.


PARROT BEDROOM: The only experience that seems to be reported in this room is hearing a lady’s name being called out. The name may have been that of a previous resident.


LANDING AREA AND STAIRS: A lady has been seen at the window on the landing area, where she is said to have been holding a candle.

There have also been reports of two male and 1 female apparitions which seemed as though they were arguing, again on the landing area, yet this incident is said to have been at the opposite end of where the lady with the candle was seen.

There have been numerous sightings of a lady on the stairs, she is said to be seen on the 3 rd step.


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