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Powis Castle




Powis Castle situated in Welshpool dates back to 1200 and was once a medieval military stronghold for the Welsh Princes of Powys.

Sir Edward Herbert purchased the castle in 1587, his son William became Baron Powis in 1629.

In 1644 during the Civil War, parts of the building were destroyed, yet the castle continued to be a residence for the Herbert and Clive families since the 16 th century.

Over the years the castle was transformed from a border fortress into a beautiful home for the gentry, filled with fine furniture and paintings. Many fine items associated with the famous ‘Clive of India' came to Powis Castle when the second Earl, George Herbert, sister married the son of Lord Clive in 1784.

The Castle has been the home of generations of the Earls of Powis, and even though the castle has been in the care of the National Trust since 1952, the present Earl continues to live in part of the building.



The Dukes Room and The Ballroom Wing are said to be the most haunted parts of the castle, with numerous sightings of apparitions in these areas.

A lady who wears black has been witnessed sitting in a chair near the fireplace in the Dukes Room. One visitor reported the feeling of a hand brush down their arm while in this room.

The piano has been heard to play on its own in the Ball Room Wing, this has occurred on many occasions, along with the piano stool moving when no one is around. Knocks on the doors and windows have also been heard when the castle is all locked up.

A lady wearing a mop cap who sits at the bottom of a bed has been witnessed by numerous guests who have stayed at the castle.

Workmen have reported feeling a hand on the back of their neck while walking down the stairs.

In the Clive Museum, a child has been seen, described as having long hair and dressed in green.

Members of staff have felt someone tugging at the back of their shirts while in the Tea Room.


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