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Sker House


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Sker House situated near Porthcawl in South Wales is a Grade I listed building which dates back to the 12 th century.

The building was originally a monastic grange of Neath Abbey, where it provided accommodation for the brethren along with a chapel for daily monastic services.

The original house began with just one storey, but was raised to provide two separate upper floors as well as a spacious attic area, and access to all floors could be reached from the east front of the building.

The house was remodelled in the 16 th century.

Inside the house lies the Great Hall, the size of which is the whole width of the first floor of the property.

There is a great stone fireplace in the centre of the west wall, with the room having three very large windows, two situated on the east wall with the third on the west side, providing the room with plenty of light.

A doorway at the end of the halls south side gave access to a parlour which is believed to have been the family's private apartments. The ground floor of the house is thought to have been the service areas, with the living area occupying the north and south wings.

From the 17 th century the house was tenanted. One tenant was a gentleman farmer, Issac Williams, who lived at Sker from 1797-1831, with his two daughters Mary and Elizabeth.

The two sisters often went dancing in Kenfig's Town Hall where there was a resident harpist named Thomas Evans.

Thomas and Elizabeth fell in love. Elizabeth's father was furious when he found out his daughter had been associating herself with Thomas. He felt Thomas a mere carpenter and was not good enough for his daughter.

The couple secretly continued to meet and planned to elope.

One night Thomas hired a coach and horses, yet on approaching the house, the barking of dogs made so much noise he turned round and left without his beloved.

Issac Williams, angered by what Thomas had planned, locked Elizabeth in her room and was unable to leave the house.

In 1701, although still in love with Thomas Evans, Elizabeth was forced to marry Mr. Kirkhouse who was from Neath.

Elizabeth died in 1710, some say from a broken heart, and is buried in Llansamlet Churchyard.

Issac Williams died in 1776.


There have been many reports of Sker House being haunted.

Witnesses have heard high pitched screeching noises, screams and wailing cries.

Dark shadows and figures have been seen, more so in the room where Elizabeth is thought to have been locked away.

Visitors have told of feeling unease and dread on entering the house, some feeling physically sick.

There have also been reports of an ‘evil presence' that does not want people in the house, many have left the house in fear after just entering.


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