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St Donat's Castle
Llantwit Major




St Donat's Castle s a medieval castle which dates to the 12 th century. It now houses Atlantic College, a private boarding school founded in 1962, as the first of ten United World Colleges.

Within the castle grounds lies St Donat's Arts Centre, which is housed in a 14 th Century tythe barn, which has been converted to a professionally equipped theatre, together with a contrasting new addition of the Glass Room.

Records have shown that John Penbridge who was born in 1265 and died in 1331 was living at St Donats during 1307.

Sir Peter de Stratelinges, who was originally from Strattligen in Switzerland, is thought to have come to England and Wales with Sir Otto de Grandison.

Sir Peter married Joan de Hawey, who was the heiress of St Donat's.

By 1316, the head of the family was now Edward Stradlyng, and was knighted in 1327.

The last male heir to live at the castle was Sir Thomas Stradling, who had died in 1738 with a heir.

For a short time the castle passed to Bussey Mansell, who was later disposed of it in a law suit.

The estates were then divided into three parts. St Donat's went to the Tyrwhitt family, the estate passed to the Drake family and then by purchase to the Nicholl-Carne family.

In 1800, Rev Robert Nicholl (1763-1849) had married Elizabeth Carne, who was the heiress of Nash. Rev Nicholl changed his name to Carne by royal licence in 1843. He purchased estates in Llanblethian, Llanmaes and through his marriage he acquired Nash and many more over the years.

In 1849, after the death of Rev Robert Nicholl Carne, the Nash estate passed to his son, Robert Charles Nicholl Carne(1806-1869), while his younger son, John Whitlock Nicholl Carne (1817-1889), who was married to Mary Jane Brackner, inherited the Dimlands estates.

John Whitlock Nicholl Carne later became John Whitlock Stradling Carne, who inherited the Parc Newydd estate, and later purchased the St Donat's estate, and in 1869 he inherited his brother's Nash estate.

John and Mary's 1 st son, Edward Stradling Nicholl Carne, died in 1869, Mansel Sydney Berkrolles Nicholl Carne(d. 1892) and his wife Grace, had no male heir, so the estates were passed to John Deveroux Van Loder Nicholl Carne (d.1905), who was his younger brother.

From 1901 - 1922 the castle was occupied by Morgan Stewart Williams and his family.

It was then purchased by William Pennoyer, an American citizen who was married to the Dowager Countess of Shresbury.

The castle was sold in 1925 to William Randolph Hearst, who spen vasts amount of money on restoration work.

During the 1960's, with a large donation from an American and Two British supporters, a total amount of £95,000, the castle was purchased by the Atlantic College.



1 Sir John Stradling (1230 - 1293) - Firstly married ? de Grandison then Maud ?

2 Sir Peter Stradling (1260-1314) - married Joan de Hawey

3 Sir Edward Stradling (1300-1363) - married Eleanor Strongbow

4 Sir Edward Stradling (1330-1394) - married Wenilian Berkerolles

5 Sir William Stradling (1360-1407) - married Isabel St Barbe

6 Sir Edward Stradling (1389-1453) - married Jane Beaufort

7 Sir Harry Stradling (1423-1476) - married Elizabeth Herbert

8 Thomas Stradling (?-1480) - married Janet Mathews

9 Sir Edward Stradling (1472-1535) - Firstly married Elizabeth Arundel, then Felice Gwyn

10 Sir Thomas Stradling (1499-1571) - married Katherine Gamage

11 Sir Edward Stradling (1529-1609) - married Agnes Gage (No children)

Sir Thomas Stradling (NO'9) younger brother was:

Harry Straddling - married Jane Jub

Francis Straddling - married ? Then Mary Mitchel

12 Sir John Stradling (1563-1637) - married Elizabeth Gage

13 Sir Edward Stradling (1601-1644) - married Mary Mansel

14 Sir Edward Stradling (?-?) - married Katherine Perry

15 Sir Edward Stradling ( ?-1685) - married Elizabeth Hungerford

16 Sir Edward Stradling ( 1674-1735) - married Elizabeth Mansel

17 Sir Edward Stradling (1699-1726)

18 Sir Thomas Stradling (1710-1738) - The last Stradling to live at St Donat's


St Donat's is reputed to be haunted by several ghosts which include Lady Stradling. Her ghost is said to wear a long flowing dress and high shoes, and is said to have been murdered at the castle. She is often seen in the Long Gallery with her appearance being said to be a warning of impending disaster.

Other ghosts witnessed at the castle are said to be an old woman resembling a ‘witch', who is seen in the Armoury.

A phantom ‘Panther' which has been witnessed in one particular corridor.

One of the bedrooms is said to have ‘bright lights' which are said to look like ‘bright eyes'.

Invisible hands are reported to play the piano even when the lid is closed.


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