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The Rhymney House Hotel
Rhymney, Tredegar





In Attendance : Lisa (GPI) and guest Investigators, Lyn, Kaye, Zoe, Kathy and guest Medium, Joan.


Weather Conditions: 10pm Weather Notes:

Temperature at – 16%c Continuous light rain throughout

Relative Humidity – 88% the night until approx 4.30am.

Wind Speed – 10mph

Lunar Circle – Waxing Crescent 16% of full.

Solar Xrays – Normal

Geomagnetic Fields – Unsettled.


Equipment Used:

Sony Digital Camera

Sony Night Shot Camcorder.

Nixon Coolpix x 2000 Digital Camera.

Digital Audio Recorder


Areas Investigated:

Back Bar, Function Room, Restaurant, Private flat, Room 3, Room 4, Room 5, Laundry, First Floor Corridor, Room 6, Room 9, Second Floor Corridor.

Trigger Objects: Cross – Room 6. Coins – Room 9. Marbles & Dice – Flat.

INVESTIGATION: 10am – 6am.

Before we began our investigation, we sat in the bar area where we found paranormal activity was to begin. With only a small team present one member had her trouser leg pulled, feeling this was due to children playing and running around, while another saw small flashing lights before loud heavy footsteps were heard up above us, which was the private flat we were to use as our base room. Rob, the owner, informed us nobody was present in any part of the upper floors.

We also found the ladies toilets may have had a spirit presence, again possibly children, as one member began to experience slight shaking on entering the area, while another felt that someone was pulling the toilet roll from the holder – this has been experienced on a previous investigation at these premises, which these particular members were unaware of.

Once we made our way to the restaurant and sat to eat our meal, one member saw a bright round light pass between 2 members as well as a dark shadow. This member also became extremely hot and had to leave the premises for some time. Later, while still in the restaurant, a member began to shake and decided to leave the area for a while. It was suggested by our medium, that a spirit man was sitting in the corner of the restaurant, smoking a pipe. He was seen to be quite relaxed in his chair and was not bothered about us being there. On her return, the member was no longer visibly shaking, and sat directly next to where we were told the male spirit was seated and did comment on hearing noises, which a few of us heard, but felt it may have come from above again. One member also commented on how she could hear giggling, similar to children giggling, and then a few of the group could hear a screech.


PRIVATE FLAT: LOUNGE – On entering this room, various members felt a tightening in their chest and a difficulty in breathing.

Our medium suggested a few names, which she felt had a connection to the building – ‘Colin’,’ Lyn’, ‘Michael’, ‘John’ and ‘James’. Although common names, John and James have previously been mentioned to have a connection with this building by other mediums who have visited. Unfortunately no surnames were given to be able to verify this information.

While the equipment was being set up, various members witnessed a white streak of light which came from above the T.V, which was situated in the corner of the room, and seen to go right through the middle of the T.V and down towards the floor – no apparent cause could be found. Just after seeing the streak of light, the 3 members also noticed the lights flickering. Another member also noticed a swirling mist in the air, again this was unable to be filmed. There was also the sound of a ‘croaky throat’ heard in this area. A blue light was witnessed on the bed, while it was felt a male figure was pacing along a certain part of the room, which made 2 members feel uncomfortable in this particular area. He was described as being tall, thin with a moustache and wore a suit.

The whole team also took part in ‘past life regression’ while returning to this room later into the investigation, which all members, apart from one, had not experienced before. While we were taking part in this experiment, a dark shadow was noticed to walk through the circle that the team had formed, and something/someone had poked a guests arm, and a tapping noise of the can, which had been placed on the coffee table had been heard by the 2 members who sat either side of it, as well as the dragging of feet and rustling noises which were heard coming from the bedroom area.

We have also caught on cameras, what seem to be ‘orbs’.


BEDROOM – Our medium reported that a female had died from an illness in this room. The death was described as sudden, but expected, believed to have firstly suffered a stroke and later a heart attack. It is also thought the lady was either dumb or the stroke had possibly caused her speech paralysis.

There is also said to be a male who had died from throat cancer, or some form of illness, which affected his throat. The name Steve was mentioned as having a connection with the building, yet it was unsure if this was the same male who suffered with the possible throat cancer.

The name George is also connected to the room, but no further information was received.

A male, who was said to be in his second marriage and had children by his previous marriage, is also said to be connected to the room, but unfortunately no further information could be obtained.

A Kissing Gate and bridge were also mentioned, as a spirit had mentioned this to the medium, but no further information was given.

While our medium was talking, something/someone tugged on the sleeve of one of the members, no persons were near her at this time.

Our medium also mentioned a male who had a wooden leg or built up shoe, which made him limp – this was mentioned by a medium, whom had attended on a previous investigation.

An authoritative male figure, who would use a walking stick, not to aid his walk but to point at people while telling them off or giving orders, is also connected to the building, again no name could be obtained.

It was also noted by a member that she felt a child was playing ‘Peek-a-boo’ from behind the bathroom door. A photo taken does seem to show on ‘orb’ on the door and another on the wall near the bathroom.

While conducting a vigil, more ‘orbs’ seem to have been captured on camera, particularly around the medium. A guest also felt her lower legs and back become ‘achy’ and experienced shooting pains for no apparent reason.


CORRIDOR & ROOM 5 – Our medium felt that anger and frustration came from a female servant in this corridor. The story had something to do with broken glass and the female felt powerless. It was revealed that many years ago, when the building was a house, this area had an infestation of mice or rats, and cats were brought in to solve the problem. The cats would have been placed under the floorboards and if they didn’t come when called would have been left there to die. The smell associated with this area is said to be caused by the cats who had died under the floorboards.

There is also said to be a male by the name of Roger, who is present in this area, but no further information could be obtained.

Room 5 was described as being similar to a cell with an oppressive feeling. An old lady, a grandmother type figure, was said to have once resided in this room, who had difficulty with her hearing. The lady is thought to be named Maude or Maisie and was described as a lonely person.

Other members described the room as possibly being an elderly ‘man’s room.


ROOM 4 – Some of the members witnessed the sound of someone whistling, and felt the year was 1871.

Various members also reported feeling a tightness of the chest and felt very hot and very uncomfortable in this room.

Our medium stated that a young man, who had difficulty in breathing, was an avid reader and an Architect who designed Bridges, Towers and possibly Cranes. Dressed in a suite with starched collar, he would have finished Boarding school and went on to be an apprentice, possibly in the year 1850/1875.The name Geriant was given, but unsure if this was the Architect. One of the members suggested that the name John Humphries was connected to the room.

A creaking noise was heard coming from the bathroom, but no cause could be found.

It was also felt that the room was once used as a nursery, as a baby was heard crying. There was also said to be an old lady crying as she had lost a baby, but no name or year was given.

After the vigil we all conducted a Psychometry experiment with interesting results, yet as these results were personal to all members it was decided not to include them into this report.


ROOM 3 – Our medium felt this room was used for teaching children, both English and Welsh, with a governess in charge. The medium also believes a Miners son attended a school in the building, but couldn’t understand how the boy lost his father and how it was afforded for him to attend the school.

The names Williams, ap William, ap Phillips, Joanne and Cyril are also said to have a connection with this room/building.

The overall feeling was that it was a quiet, peaceful, pleasant room.


LAUNDRY ROOM – Two members sensed that a little boy was hiding in the corner, and would also move/rearrange the items in this room.

The medium felt that there would have once been a cot in this room, possibly being used as a nursery.


ROOM 6 – The medium suggested this room was a busy, warm loving chatty room, a servant’s room where all servants would gather together.

One member felt a draft on her left hand and tingling on her fingers, while her left foot was warm and tingling.

Another member had the feeling of being watched from the corridor and felt there was a small shadow crouched in the corner at the very end of the corridor. Another member came to have a look and also noticed the shadow before it disappeared. There was also a ‘grumbling’ noise heard coming from this area and noticed what looked like ‘orbs’ when filming the area.

Many ‘orbs’ and unusual lights were captured on camera while filming in this room before the battery suddenly drained when it was shown to have 5 hours left.


ROOM 9 – Before conducting a séance, our medium connected with a male by the name of ‘Pat’ who had died of either Diptheria or Cancer. He was talking of ‘Robert’ and ‘Terri’ (female). No other information could be obtained from this particular spirit.

The medium then gave personal messages for members of the group. While she did this, members saw lights around her and a dark shadow, which went through the door at the end of the seance. During the séance one particular member felt unwell and was becoming distressed, this ceased once the séance was closed.


CELLAR – Our medium commented that a spirit man was sitting in the corner of cellar, but unfortunately couldn’t make much communication with him.

A member reported seeing ‘lights’ coming down from the ‘Barrel Shoot’, so 2 other members took photo’s of this area within minutes of each other.

There didn’t seem to be much activity in this area, but when looking back at the photo’s that were taken of the ‘barrel shoot’, there seem to be ‘orbs’ caught on camera and also 2 odd photo’s taken by 2 members, where one shows what appears to be a cat and one where there appears to be a man watching the team.


KITCHEN – We only spent a short time in this room as it was another room that seemed quiet, but on examining the photo’s taken there does seem to be a face appearing in one of them.


BACK BAR & FUNCTION ROOM – We had only been in this area of the building for approx 5 minutes when we heard a ‘cough’ coming from the corridor towards the front bar. Members went to check, but the owner and all team members were present in the back bar area – this is a common occurrence whilst being in this area of the building, which the team members were unaware of.

Not much activity occurred in this area so it was decided to enter the function room to conduct a table tipping experiment.

Unfortunately our medium had to leave and so was unable to take part in this experiment.

Considering it was quite a heavy table, it was evident that it moved slightly from side to side when spirit was asked to move it. It was apparent that the team had made a connection with a male, although no further information could be given, and so after nearly an hour it was decided to close the experiment.

On examination of the photo’s which were taken in this area, there does appear to be a figure of a child sitting on a chair, but this area will need to be double checked to ensure there is no indention on the wood panelling where the chair was situated.

On collecting the trigger objects, it was noted that the cross in room 6 had moved half an inch upwards and to the left. The other trigger objects placed in other areas had not moved at all.

My thanks and appreciation go to Joan for her time, effort and experience, my guest investigators for the night, who were a great team to work with, and finally to Rob and his family for allowing us to take over their premises once again, and I look forward to returning very soon, hopefully to uncover more of the past secrets still held within this building.


©Lisa McCarthy GPI



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