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The Rhymney House Hotel
Rhymney, Tredegar




The Rhymney House Hotel is a Grade II listed property having been built around 1801 as the residence for the manager of the Rhymney Iron Company.

The owner of the company was Richard Crawshay Esq, of Cyfartha, who paid £1000,000 for the company. When his daughter, Charlotte married Benjamin Hall 2 nd in 1801, Richard Crawshay immediately invited Benjamin Hall 2 nd to become a partner in the company.

Records show that in 1896, J. Powel is said to have been the manager of the Rhymney Iron works, but there is also a record of Sir Ernest Clarke as manager, although there is no date mentioned for this.

In 1901, it is recorded that a Mr David O. Morris was a resident at Rhymney House.

It is believed that Benjamin Hall 3rd and inventor of the bell Big Ben, stayed at the property for some time, and the famous bell, was constructed just a few yards from the hotel.

Benjamin Hall 3rd married Augusta Waddington, famous for promoting the Welsh costume, and they became Lord and Lady Llanover.

One of the stories associated with the Rhymney House and the Crawshay family, is that of a servant girl who had an affair with one of the Crawshay's believed to be Richard Crawshay, and became pregnant. The young maid is said to have taken her own life by jumping out of the middle window on the top floor, which is believed to have been her room. Her body was later found in the well. The maids room was situated at the front of the property, whereas the well, is situated at the back of the property.

In 1967 the Rhymney became a club, with many different names and owners. It was taken over as a pub in the late 70's, again with numerous owners/managers. It closed down in 97/98, and was purchased by the present owners in 2002, and is now a family run business.

It has been refurbished and extended over the years, yet has retained many of the original features, including the Riverstone from which it was built, the chimney in one of the bars, the ceiling in the back bar, which is thought may have once been a barn and the oak beams.

The hotel has 2 bars, one at the front of the building and one at the back, a function room which follows from the back bar, as well as a conservatory, a restaurant adjacent to the front bar, and 10 en-suite bedrooms on 2 floors with panoramic views of Rhymney countryside.


The hotel is reputed to be haunted with several ghosts.

There have been many sightings of apparitions throughout the building and on the road just outside the property.

The ghost of a man on horseback as well as a ghost of a man with a horse and cart travelling along the road has been witnessed by adults and children where they have seen cars serve to miss these apparitions only to turn again and find they have completely disappeared.

Previous owners of the Rhymney have reported the ghost of a lady wearing a lace cap and dress, she would ‘tuck' their daughter into bed at night.

Loud bangs, tapping noises, doors banging and rattling for no reason, muffled voices being heard and flashing bright lights have all been witnessed by staff and customers, as well of the feeling of someone being behind them and being watched.


KITCHEN: This room is relatively new, yet the apparition of a young child has been seen.

BACK BAR: The ghost of an old lady wearing her hair in a bun has been seen looking into the fire, along with a little girl who has been seen sitting in the corner. Another figure has been seen looking into the bar from the function room. Yet as the function room is another extension to the property, where this figure has been seen would once have been the outside area.

GENTS TOILETS: A black shadow/figure has been witnessed walking into this room, but on investigation the room was empty. The sound of a male coughing has also been heard in this room, when there was no visible presence.

FRONT BAR: Muffled voices have been heard in this area when the bar has been completely empty.

Looking from the kitchen down through the corridor, a witness reported seeing a male wearing a tall hat walking into the bar area.

Other witnesses have heard tapping and bumps coming from the room above.

RESTAURANT: At the bottom of the stairs near the ladies toilets, a witness has reported the presence of a ‘Guardian' who stands there trying to stop people from entering up the stairs.


LAUNDRY ROOM: The ghost of a man is said to visit this room.

1 ST LANDING: A very dominant male spirit who is said to carry an iron rod, is said to haunt this particular area. He is thought to be from 1805. There is also the ghost of a woman in this area.

CCTV equipment is often disrupted in this area, with engineers having no possible reason of why this occurs.

ROOM 3: A child aged between 8-10 years old, while staying in this room has reported seeing “people walking through the walls, wearing suites and tall hats”.

MIDDLE LANDING & ROOM 5: This area is thought to be the vortex, where the spirits enter and depart.


LANDING: Another very dominant male is said to walk in this area, along with a woman, young girl and 2 children. The man is said to terrify the children - believing “children are to be seen and not heard”.

Guests and staff have reported the feeling of constantly being watched while in this part of the building.

ROOM 6: There have been reports of a male apparition and voices in this room.


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