Glamorgan Paranormal - Paranormal Activity In Wales

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The White Hart Inn is believed to be one of the oldest Inns situated in South Wales, dating back to Medieval times.

The Thatched roof pub, in the small village of Llandarrog was popular with the cattle drovers, who, on foot, would herd their livestock from Carmarthen to London.

Still serving ale and meals, the pub is reputed to be haunted.

A male spirit described as a lovely man named ‘Angus’ and a little cheeky with the ladies, is said to have once worked in the bar, and is reported to have been full of fun and laughter.

Another male spirit said to be present is that of ‘Trevor Bale’ who suffered with breathing problems and was a regular drinker at the pub. His wife is reported to be named ‘ Marietta’ and is also present at the pub on times.

A spirit dog named ‘Homer’ is also present, along with a farmer who died around 15 years ago.

In the main bar lays a shovel, which is believed to have been used a s a murder weapon, yet how and why is unclear as yet.

A spirit male who wears a long dark coat, hat and boots, and was possibly in charge of hunting down people, and has been witnessed to be writing down notes in a black book, and could have possibly have been a witch finder is thought to be named ‘Arnold’ or ‘J.R. Soam’ or ‘Soliman’.

There are reports of children present in the 2 nd Bar, with one child possibly having a disability with walking. Who or what sex is unsure.

The Restaurant is said to hold a considerable amount of residual energy.

A Blacksmith is reported to be present in the Barn Room, although no name or description has been given.

It is reported that a lot of female servants are resident in the Television Lounge of the pub.

A dark figure has been witnessed in the Children’s Bedroom standing at the bottom of the bed, yet who this figure is unknown.


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