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Tyn Dwr Hall




Tyn Dwr Hall is situated in the village of Llangollen, being built in the early 1800's by John Dicken, who was an Iron Master.

The Hall was to be a holiday home for himself and his family, with the estate covering roughly 1200 acres, including much of the Berwyn Mountains.

The estate had 5 farms, the nearest being Home Farm (Tyndwr Farm).

The grounds are thought to house the biggest Yew tree in Wales, where strange happenings are said to have occurred, with animals being drawn very close to it such as, Stag, Birds, Squirrels, and other wildlife.

The Hall is now used as a charitable youth hostel, where children can stay for weekend breaks, taking part in the many activities that are on offer.


Both staff and visitors have many stories of unexplainable events which occur at the Hall.

One lady, whilst checking out, asked if she could speak with the elderly gentleman whom she had thought had dressed up in costume as an old style gamekeeper. The receptionist at the Hall had no idea whom the lady was referring to. The lady insisted she had spoke to an elderly gentleman on that evening, regarding the animals and birds in the forest.

Over time, there have been many reports of people seeing this gentleman.

Another room which is thought to be very active is the Billiards room. It was once used as a bedroom, and one particular gentleman has reported being woken up by the sound of the rustling of a lady's dress and her underlying petticoats. He informed the lady that she was in the wrong room, where she then panicked and quickly disappeared.

Also in this room, while the floor was carpeted, there were reports of footsteps being heard walking on floorboards.

There are said to be many more stories relating to paranormal activity at the Hall, which has become a place of great interest with paranormal investigators.


Numerous guests have reported a rapid drop in temperature, knocks have been heard on the window and near the fireplace, with heavy thumps heard on the floor.

Reports of stomach pains, sickness, depression and the feeling of wanting to cry.

Chairs have been seen to move on their own near the fireplace, when no one has been near them.

While in this room, children have been heard in the room above.

It has been felt that a murder has taken place at some time in this room, along with a possible connection with royalty.

A male energy who is said to dislike having visitors is believed to present in the room, along with a person who has a disfigured face. There is also believed to be a female presence who walks up and down the room, seemingly agitated.

Names which maybe connected to the Billiard Room are: Eleanor - thought to be John Dicken's mother.

John Arthur Roberts - who possibly died in the Boer War in Africa and believed to be the illegitimate son of John Dicken.


This was originally the Ballroom.

A young boy has been seen in this room by many visitors, it is thought there is a connection with something illegal and he shouldn't have been there.

Drops in temperature have been reported, cold spots felt, batteries have been drained, creaks heard and a female presence has also been witnessed in this room.


A male presence who is thought to have suffered with stomach pains has been witnessed in this room, along with a lady in a long flowing dress which can be heard dragging on the floor. The lady is thought to be the former owners wife.

Another female presence is said to rush past visitors pushing them aside.

A large gentleman who is believed to have suffered a problem with his hip, is also present in this room, as well as a lady who suffered with back pain.

ROOMS 9 & 10 :

Room 10 has been reported to be very cold and have a damp feeling to it.

Room 9: The sense of children being in the room has been felt by many people, it is also said to have a friendly atmosphere.

Visitors have reported suffering from chest pains, stomach pains and breathlessness.

ROOMS 1, 2 & 3 :

There is believed to be more than 1 female energy in room 1, along with children from World War II.

People have reported being pushed while in the doorway and feeling very uneasy whilst in the room.

The room is said to be very cold where tapping noises have been heard and lights seen.

Visitors have heard a hissing sound while in room 2, along with some feeling sick. Witnesses have also reported seeing a green mist near the window.

The smell of aftershave has been experienced in room 3 where windows have been seen and heard rattling.


Various visitors have reported seeing a male presence with a walking stick.

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