BOOK REVIEW: Will Storr -vs- The Supernatural

Will Storr v The Supernatural is one man's look into the weird and contradictory world of "The Paranormal".

In his book Will visits Demonologists in The USA who are in the middle of a bitter battle of Good Vs Evil and we are talking God vs The Devil.

Will's next visit is to the UK where he joins a well known ghost group on an overnight paranormal investigation where he meets some very "colorful" characters.

In his journey Will's comments are never in your face and he never belittles or disparages anyone's experiences or beliefs. Non of the evidence Will gathers or his own personal opinions are pushed on to the reader and everyone is able to make up their own mind from Will's narrative on the events.

Having been on many investigations myself I know how much courage it takes sometimes to spend even a small amount of time in a well publicized "Haunted" location alone. In all fairness to Will he does this and his experiences will either leave you laughing your socks off or shivering with fright.

If you have been "on the paranormal scene" for some time now you should know MANY of the names in this book that Will has been on investigations with and you will be well aware of the group politics that gets mentioned in the book. For those in Paranormal Groups this is a MUST read.

This book is definitely a "cant put down" book and it didn't take me long to read from cover to cover and I can say I thoroughly enjoyed every chapter.

Unlike most books that patronize the reader and come across as the writer being "the big I AM" this book is a refreshing read that will leave you in stitches one minute and contemplating your beliefs the next.



Review By:
Austin Walters, Glamorgan Paranormal